Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Trip to Skofield Park

I've been doing a "365" Project on Flckr since mid-December. Keeping up with one image a day is difficult and sometimes, I just cheat. However, in the main this challenge keeps me alert for photo opportunities and many days gets me out of the house to see new places.

For the last several days, the weather people have been predicting snow "as low as 500 feet" on Saturday. We did have snow in the local hills last Sunday morning, but I missed my opportunity to go out and picture it. Yesterday, Pat suggested that I get all ready to go out to the snow and take pictures this morning. Last night, the same weather people doubted that the precipitation would stay around long enough for the temperature to drop enough to produce snow. Sure enough at 6:30 this morning, the rain had stopped and there was not a drop of snow to be seen.

It was a beautiful clear day with large puffy clouds, so I wanted to go out to take pictures. I headed out to Rocky Nook Park in Santa Barbara, but that is a pretty urban park and outside of a man enjoying his beer and newspaper on one of the benches, I didn't see any good photo opportunities. So I started for our Botanic Garden. On the way, I saw the sign for Skofield Park and turned that way.

Skofield had what I was looking for: A clear view of the mountains with puffy clouds, a wooded stream, and a small cactus garden.

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