Sunday, April 18, 2010

Back to the Grand Palace, Wat Arun, and More

One has to be adaptable when traveling on an impromptu itinerary. This morning, I decided that instead of my DIY trip to the floating market by public bus, that I would sign up for a tour. When I told the front desk at 8:00 AM that that's what I wanted to do today, they sweetly said that I couldn't because the tours left at 0645. So, I signed up for the half-day tour tomorrow and decided to revisit the Grand Palace area and wash clothes and pack today. Actually, a much better idea as it forces me to be all packed tonight, have an early breakfast, and take my luggage down to be stored by 0645. The tour returns at 2:00 PM, which is perfect for checking in at the airport Novotel at 3:00.

So, I thought I would get an early(ier) start on the Grand Palace, took an express ferry and arrived at 9:00. Not really before the crowd or the heat. I went to the Grand Palace and took some pictures of parts that I hadn't on my last trip. After that, I walked up a local street to absorb some color. Had curry at the Thai Navy Club, which is an open restaurant, crossed the River to Wat Arun, then went to the hotel to do laundry and pack for the transfer to the airport tomorrow and trip to Bhutan on Tuesday.
Probably will have some time to post something after visiting the floating market tomorrow, but I think it will be catch as catch can after that. I'll try to make it more interesting when I have more time.
Pictures with this blog are Grand Palace, Back Street, Thai Navy Club, and Wat Arun in whatever order Google decides to put them.

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