Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Large Outdoor Market and More

First in need to start off to say that you can't fool Google or Facebook. They know where you are at all times. When I login to Blogger, I am presented with a signin screen in Thai. Facebook asked me if I wanted to join their project to translate Facebook to Thai. If the Thai didn't have half their signs in the Latin alphabet as well as Thai, I'd be lost as I travel around.

Yesterday, I started off to the Chatuchak Weekend Market. I took the Bangkok Skytrain  out there. There is a station just a short walk from the hotel and the other end is right at the market. For 40BT, I was out there in a flash. It was raining hard when I left the hotel, but had stopped when I hit the market.
The only word to use for the market is huge. There are stalls selling food, clothing, trinkets, and many other things. None selling anything I wanted except for food. I'll let the pictures tell the story better than I can. The spring rolls and watermelon shake is my lunch.
Thai Massage at the Market

Hats at the Weekend Market

Spring Roll and Watermelon Shake Lunch

Jim Thompson's House
In any event I then went to the Jim Thompson House and Museum. Jim was an ex-OSS officer who stayed in Bangkok after WWII. He set up the Thai silk trade and then one day, went for a walk in Bangkok and disappeared.
After that, I returned to the hotel and went to a nearby Thai restaurant for dinner. This was not as local as the one the night before. The night before, I was the only westerner in the restaurant. This night, the only Thais were the wait staff; all the diners were westerners, probably from the nearby Holiday Inn.
Thai Restaurant With Holiday Inn Guests

Need to sign off now as I'm going away from Bangkok to the Floating Market, which is a two hour bus trip away. More tommorrow.

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  1. Are you hiding Pat in the hotel? Sounds like you're having a blast.

    It is tricky working with photos in blogger, but you're improving nicely.