Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Practically Packed and Ready to Go

Pat and I packed up for my trip to Bhutan yesterday. It was a complex job, but Pat had it well organized and we finished in about an hour or a little more. I am taking her large suitcase with our large duffel bag. On the bottom in the suitcase are the clothes I will need in Bhutan and on top, the clothes to wear in Bangkok. On Monday, when I arrive at the Novotel, I will pile the Bhutan clothes in the duffel bag and leave the suitcase with the ones I don't need or have thrown away in storage in Bangkok for my return.
Since I will be 15 days in Bhutan with limited access to any laundry facilities, clothes are going to have to do double and triple duty (relative to my habits at home). I will be at three places two nights in a row and will be able to wash socks and underwear on those occasions, but see no real opportunity to get shirts and pants cleaned while I am there.
We always save clothes that are just shy of being unpresentable to take on trips. These clothes are thrown away as we go, leaving room for purchases or just lightening the load on the return trip.
On this trip the suitcase at checkin in Los Angeles will be perilously near (or over) the magic 50# weight limit. I'm sure if the check in agent is diligent, I will have to pay an overweight fee, but on the way back, I should be in the clear.
Similarly my photo backpack is jammed with camera stuff and other extras.
I'm taking both my 20D and 5D, four lenses, a 500GB photo storage unit, and two flash units. Mostly, I'll use the 24-105 on the 5D and the 70-200 with 1.4 extender on the 20D. The other two are just in case.
Just updated the 5d with the latest firmware, successfully.
Tomorrow afternoon, I'm on the road for LAX.

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